How to Create 3D Exterior from Second-Floor Plan in AutoCAD

Why use AutoCAD?

It's cheap. It’s all-around software. it is used to draw floor plans, view plans, section, details, and other drawings, even in 3-dimensional flawlessly. May I ask again?

  • Why we pay for other software’s, if one software can do all?

It's easy. Users who are familiar with this software will easily learn new things such as 3-dimensional because all menus, toolbars, and commands are so familiar with.

  • Other software’s? You start from scratch…

It's fast.  This software is not the fastest in 3-dimensional drawing. But if your job is related to other drawings, for example; changes are made in floor plans, view’s drawing changes, so on. On the smaller scale, are much faster than you are using different kind of software.

Back to drawing 3-dimensional.

Why start with second-floor?

Because this already represents 3-dimensional drawing of all part of building. If you draw 3-dimensional in one package, it requires strong hardware and strong one’s mind as well. So, if dividing the job into separate parts will lighten the hardware and your mind.

The complete building drawing has floor plans, view plans, and sections, together as one. Dividing and managing 3-dimensional by floor are more convenient and easier to coordinate with other users such who draw floor-plans.

In this case using second-floor.

So, the steps How to create 3-dimensional from second-floor plan are:

  1. Preparing the floor plans, view plans, or sections drawing so they are used later as a reference.
  2. Create a drawing, insert the reference, put it in the z=0 coordinate and save drawing.
  3. Draw the column as an outline of other type of building drawing. Start with coordinates z = 0 and height according to the length from second-floor to the bottom of the upper building beam. Create one more just exactly below it from z = 0 to z = minus of the beam height below second-floor.
  4. Then draw the wall as much as like a column do, along with the bottom beam of second-floor. First, draw from column to another column according wall reference. If the reference shows us a door or a window, stop at that edge point of them. Start again the wall from that point to another edge point of them. Create a new one again from last edge point to the next column. So, 3-dimensional wall divided into many parts according to the position and number of wall accessories.
  5. Show 3-dimensions view of drawing workspace. Revise the walls whose references there are doors and windows, until they become the final 3-d shape of doors and windows
  6. Draw the 3-d floor of second-floor according to its elevation
  7. Draw ceilings and lights if necessary.
  8. Finally, draw front view accessories drawing according to front view plan.
  9. Save it.

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